Arkas Ltd is committed to the protection and enhancement of the environment and through our environmental policy always seeks to minimise the environmental impact on its present and future activities.  The Company believes that everyone is responsible for good environmental performance and the Company incorporates environmental considerations into all its business activities.

The following principles provide the structure to help the Company set goals and promote continual improvement in our environmental performance.

We believe that everyone employed by Arkas Ltd is responsible for good environmental performance.

  • Managing Director has overall responsibility to protect the environment by setting objectives for the Company’s operations and ensuring that environmental matters are integral to the way in which the Company is managed.
  • Managing Director will provide visible leadership that promotes good environmental performance and commits resources to achieving the Company’s objectives.
  • The Company recognises that all members of staff need to perform in a manner that protects the environment.  To this end all employees will receive information, instruction and training through accredited training to ensure they understand the need to protect the environment and observe the requirements placed upon them by the Company to achieve this goal.

The Company is committed to maintaining the highest standards of environmental performance and to meet our commitments we will:

  • Meet and where appropriate exceed the requirements of environmental legislation.
  • Keep and manage tidy premises.
  • Should any incidents occur we will respond effectively to minimise the impact on human health and the environment.
  • Prevent pollution including the release of substances and any other hazardous waste.
  • Minimise and properly manage the waste we generate is undertaken by the Managing Director who organises the following mediums:
  • All waste is collected by an approved waste carrier namely:

Countrystyle Recycling who holds a waste carrier licence CBDU107168 who recycles the majority of waste produced and removes our commercial Waste.

  • All waste produced on site is either placed in the Clients skip or returned to our offices for disposal via Countrystyle Recycling.
  • Where waste cannot be disposed of by Countrystyle Recycling, Arkas Ltd holds a waste carriers licence CBDU155757 issued January 2020 and valid until February 2023 and we also use the services of Mr Oliver Matthews (Waste Carrier No: CB/Du190897) to dispose of surplus metals.
  • Paper is recycled through our shredding system and used for packing where appropriate or recycled by Countrystyle Recycling.
  • Help protect the environment for future generations by making our contribution to minimise climate change.
  • Ensure our employees have skills, knowledge and resources to contribute to our environmental commitments.

The Company will promote continual improvements to environmental performance by:

  • Improving environmental sustainability locally through reducing waste and pollution, enhancing wildlife habitats and encouraging the sustainable use of water, energy and resources.
  • Identifying and managing risks associated with our activities and delivering any improvements through effective environmental management systems.
  • Monitor our environmental performance, audit the effectiveness of our management system and continue to introduce any energy saving systems in the future.

Danny Streeter
Managing Director
Arkas Limited