HRB Automatic Rising Bollards

The range of HRB heavy duty Automated Bollards are ideal for protecting a range of industrial and commercial sites. Manufactured from heavy duty steel tube, they provide an alternative to the Roadblocker for use on sites that may be more architecturally sensitive, but still require a higher level of security. The bollards lie flush with the road surface when lowered and raise to a height of either 640mm or 800mm at full extension, providing a formidable barrier against unauthorised entry/exit. The Automated Bollard can be operated by a range of access control systems and is controlled by a central micro-processor unit, which can be programmed to exact requirements.

Heavy Duty Automated Bollards - click to enlarge





Manufactured to exceed BS6571 welding to BS4872 


Built to last, guaranteed quality product 

Raised and lowered in approx 4-6 secs 


Quick operation means no build up of traffic 

Extra Fast Operation  2 seconds (optional) 


Extra security 

Micro-Processor Logic Controls 


Flexible methods of operation 

Hot dip galvanised to BS1461 


Will not look unsightly 

Extremely strong 


Minimal ongoing maintenance 



Vandal resistant 

Effective vehicle barrier 


Unobtrusive to pedestrians 

Low running cost 



Polyethylene Roller operation on stainless steel shafts 


Long life & smooth operation 





Height  640mm, 800mm 

Diameter  220mm 

Wall thickness  5mm, 8mm, 13mm 

Mechanism Operated by heavy duty, hydraulic power pack. Motor size 0.37 KW. Immersed pump 

Solenoid valves for reliability and safety 

Running pressure 25bar (approx) Maximum 40bar (approx) 

Operating Speed 6 seconds (approx) 

Power Failure Bollard remains in stalled position. Facility for manual release available 

Fire Alarm Option to connect to fire alarm and automatically lower in the event of alarm signal (power must be supplied) 

Interface Interfaces with all access control systems 

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